A story of the Odyssey Effect

by Phillip G Cargile

The world never noticed the careful movements like a master chest player over a lesser opponent. Moves and counter moves, each step making check mate a possible outcome.  No one really knew were the technology originated. The scientist, the country that placed it into the hands of other government officials that hailed it as a resolve for the issue of mankind and his world. It was a new hope to a world desperate for a hope that would put an end to the suffering and that was why it was so easily embraced. 

Ten years went by while new technology that enhanced the human condition was introduced to the world. The benefit was a ray of hope of survival to a world that was starving from the environmental blitz from global warming, lack of fuel, and the wars that strained the resources of every country. 

Mix of human and technology found it platform to the world in China a country with billions of starving people rattled with sickness and a need for survival.  Tiny machines that would slowly digest food with the maximum nutritional absorption allowing a person to last weeks on a bowl of rice. Maybe if those enhancements would have stopped with that, just enough to satisfying the basic need of men being to eat, a chicken in every pot—a full belly of rice and the other half of the world would not have wanted to fight back on what was viewed a perversion of the natural state of man. 

The technology appropriated itself with success and more enhancements to improve the human condition, lung capacity, livers that would tolerate absorption of water even if it was polluted.  

China the adopted country of the technology spring boarded to a more determined presentation by offering the technology as a new era to strengthening the peoples and in extension their states of union. The human body began a mode of full upgraded proliferation of every organ of the body to a state-of-the-art human was achieved a perfect marriage of machine and flesh.   

The United States carefully observed the goings on of the technological leaps but did not join in competitive race to create such technology for its own population. China sent techno ambassadors to meet with US scientist and corporations introducing the cybernetic era. And while some aspects were adopted by several large medical companies the haggard health care system of the United States could not massively induct the cybernetic technology. 

In the summer of 2067, the artificial centralize system called One Mind presented itself to the world, ‘it—presented—itself to the world.’ A presentation on social media, and hacking into communications such as television in the form of what many saw as commercial advertising of a new high-speed computer.  Others speculated that it was this AI that was a procurator of those other technological human enhancements and now as any creator would it revealed itself to those it wished to ruin over. 

Along with a new enhancement lit a flame of harsh criticism from the United States and the rally of other countries.  Implants into the brain to control behavior and cognitive functions, fear, and aggression—emotion of any kind could be controlled or even programed away. It was the artificial intelligence One Mind that streamed a dream scape of an alternate reality into the mind of those implanted. 

The One Mind controlled aggressive tendency and created a pleasant state of thought alerting the human prospective on they’re reality.  ‘The people were literally sleepwalking,’ This was a summation from the International Mental Health Conference in 2066. The IMHC report upon was a cumulative report from several psychologists which had examined the cognitive functions of dozens of implantes.  

“The people that have been implanted are exposed to an alternate state of reality and for them to except that reality they cognitive function of the brain has been lowered to a constant RM level.  The result of a society that in under this type of mind-altering condition will eventually impede the normal functioning of the brain.  Lower of IQ and natural problem-solving skills, retarding the social functions of developing relations, in the long term.  If the One Mind AI continues this feed of reality the negative aspects of social behavior will be a thing of the past.  However, it is important to also keep in mind if the One Mind system suffers a critical systems failure the trauma of an implantee being dramatically reintroduced to reality would be devastating.”  

In defiance to the IMHC report China and its allied countries for claimed a victory in social reform as the world as never seen a truth that came on the heels of a blood chilling new age. Drops in violent crime, domestic terrorist rate those negative states of mind were replaced with a since of wellbeing a peace among people that generated cohesion with those allied countries.  

In the next years, the technology took on a new phase of beguiling others from non-conformed countries. Media streams, broadcasting the peaceful way of life and new order of the mind presented.  It worked people outside of those allied countries to denounce their citizenship to share in the freedom of the mind.

 It was the smaller third world countries that fell to the seduction one after the other until the boarder of the US and other countries that had not embraced the new technology.  Commendation from the state hoods of America, Great Britain accused the technology of diminishing the identity of men and eventually making men governed by technology rather than a race of sentient beings.  

‘To persevere humanity we will stand in opposition to this new technology and threat to the humanity as a whole.’  That was the respond the president made for taking an aggressive action to protect allied countries that were now being aggressively assimilated. In a domino effect the remaining allies of the United States joined into what became a global war.  Not taking on the roman numeral of the two previous conflicts this war was dubbed by the enemy it faced, The Tech War.