The Sci Fi series The Odyssey Effect uses the theme of the Greek myth of Odysseus. A story of revenge, of betrayal, that theme in this series is a reflection of mankind’s struggle with himself to survive the 22nd century.

War with Fellow Man

War begins with his creations of technology to evolve into war with his fellow man. Finally, from those ashes man creates a likeness of himself met to ensure his prosperity but surmounts to a new threat to his utopian dream.

This 7-book 2 novella series chronicles a world one hundred years in the future. In this century man struggles to restore his world from two great wars.  The Tech War, upon ending, only set the foundation for the next great war, The Colony War, both wars all but ruining the environment of Earth. Both wars forcing men to use technology that stretches his technical and moral boundaries.

Two Universes

Tech War

Sergeant Evan Marsh is a soldier in a global conflict with an artificial intelligence. This AI has evolved into a biometric virus that has infected the world to reform all things into its design of artificial life. The war ended with a newly founded One World Government and a promise to restore the world and satellite solar settlements. But the planet has been ravished by war and biochemical pollution. A serum is created and given to all humans for survival of the global pollution.  A percentage of the population transmutate into Eugenics. They are a more aggressive durable species of man and are considered a threat to the sovereignty of the world’s government. Evan is one who has taken the serum he along with those others are drafted to go to the stars to find resources for Earth. 

Evolution: Part I

The One World Government systemically sent the Eugenics into space to colony worlds to search, process and refine ore for the new age of Reconstruction. Evan Marsh, one of thousands who had taken the inoculation has become the leader of the Colony Alliance. Now decades later he along with those thousands of Colonists have evolved into something else and their superior ambition and hunger for independence promote war.  Part II-Introduce Dexter Ruyac construction worker in Canada  yearns for that higher purpose in life.  He joins the war effort and goes off to space. He discovers the horrors of war and the enemy that he fights are in earnest his brothers. The world is in the middle of an interstellar war with the mining colonist of Vesta Niobe. 

RAGE novella

Dexter, returning home after the war unable to fit back into his life joins the Chicago police department. Detective Dexter Ruyac investigates a random incidence of the population suddenly going insane and a killing rampage. His investigation uncovers this is the result of an experimental weapon left from the Colony war is being used by some unknown faction for some sinister purpose. Dexter investigation leads him to discover the person behind the terrorist attacks is Evan Marsh the one-time leader of the Colony Alliance.  

Mimics novella

Detective Dexter Ruyac investigation of a murder case on Earth leads him to Mars. Mars once a colony of Earth is a place known as the last sanctuary of the Japanese culture as well as the hub of the criminal syndicate (GSR) The Galactic Smuggler’s Ring.  His investigation leads him into a culture steeped in a forgotten way of life and to uncover a threat to the population of Mars. An old pact from the original colonist of Mars with the rebel Colony Alliance has emerged. A Mimic, a genetically created assassin has been revived and is following a preprogram agenda for leaders that are long dead for a mission or a war ended decades ago.  

Dawn of the Artificials

Special Detective Dexter Ruyac is investigating a series of murders in New Chicago. In his investigation he discovers a group of self-aware species of humans nicknamed Artificial. These life forms were created to mine the planet Vesta for the super fuel Dycornum. Considered biological machines they have no awareness of self and by the people of Earth are considered not to even have souls.  These artificials, unlike their counter parts are sentient and are an evolutionary advance human who have migrated to Earth to find their place in this world. The World Court, discovering their presence of Earth have dispatched a Black Ops segment of the government to hunt them down.  


Dexter Ruyac has been drafted into Global Security, a governmental police force. Dexter works in the division that is considered a Black Ops group assigned to the insurgence of the Artificial humans. His orders are to round up those artificial children that have been placed into human society. These children that were once placed in the birthing centers for safe keeping while the artificial adults alluded to the search of Global black operations have been allocated out to the general population.  Even as Dexter is forced to serve action, he secretly is working with the Artificial leader Deanna. In protection of their species and out of his love for her. 

Dark Universes

Dexter finds himself bounce from one reality to the next by will of the mysterious deities the Frist Ones; this spiritual entity of the artificial are using Dexter to purge the time line and save humanity.  

Journey to Mother Shed-Dexter is sent to Vesta the hub of off world mining operations for Earth.  Mother Shed the artificial computer that controls the non-sentient artificial drones has sent a probe to Earth.  Dexter’s discovers this probe is assessing humanity for some unknown reason. Doctor Thomas Breedlove the founder of Mother Shed as advise Global Security that Mother Shed is not merely self-aware but cognitively alive. As such her original directive to serve man has developed and Mother Shed is preventing mankind from another global event in this case war with the sentient artificials on Earth.  

Battle for Earth-All-out war has broken out between the Artificials and humans with the rule or destruction of Earth in the balance. Defeated the majority of the human race escapes to Mars and the Artificials claim Earth as their world. Zhen, the new ruler of Earth, still is not satisfied he wants to put an end to humanity completely. Upon leaving Earth Dexter now the leader of the survivors of Earth activate the webbing of charge particles that was created during the Colony to prevent an invasion of Earth. Zhen has discovered technology he has pirated from Mother Sheds advanced ship building technology to breach the webbing. Spies on Earth discover that Zhen is coming with a ship of his genetically developed soldiers.  Dexter mounts up his force for what will be the final stand but in fact the death of humanity. From a breach in a vortex a ship is found. An ancient craft left over from the Alliance war.  Filled with 250 embryos the children of the Alliance colonist.  They are brought back to Mars and brought to term to help the fight against Zhen. 

I this final battle humans, artificials and the descendants of the Colony Alliance defeat Zhen to reclaim Earth not just for the original species of for mankind in general.