Enter a World of Imagination

After spending decades surviving the massive labyrinth of the Federal bureaucracy, Phillip G. Cargile has emerged as a writer with a rare gift for exploring the far edges of imagination.

The Odyssey Effect

This seven-book series depicts man’s struggle to survive war, ecological collapse, and the startling new technology that may threaten his humanity …or lead to utopia. Though set a hundred years in the future, the series speaks to the issues that we all grapple with in this emerging new reality.


Classic Horror Monsters

Vampires, Werewolves, and Men with Extraordinary Powers

The world that we know is yet a veil of those things that lurk in the darknessā€¦ or even more terrifying, lurk in plain sight. 

These classic horror monsters have evolved from the dawn of time and have adapted to survive in every era of this Earth. 


Sci-fi Stories

Time and space are realms that men have only scratched the surface in the exploration. What world in those distant stars has life, what kind of life even on our own solar system? Perhaps on our own planet.
There are even worlds that exist hidden within the very fabric of this world separated by a thin layer of electromagnetic energy with the use of the right technology one would find himself in an alternative universe.